Saturday, 13 July 2013

My upcoming term 3

In term 3 me and my friend Leka are doing the flags for our school we have already been taught how to do the flags last term so we are going to start  work in term 3.  I think next term will be great fun, I am already going to Rotorua for science fair but I am also going to camp for a week.  I will also have my dancing exams to do.  But I will also have to do the things I always do every week night such as dancing and my maths tutor,  and not to mention homework every night,  As well as doing everything else that needs doing at home.  My flute in term 2 has been getting better and better thats another thing that adds onto my weekly plan.

Important dates for me this term are most of my animals birthdays as well as my grandmas and my sisters which is on the 24 of July.

Next term is going to be action packed. It will be even harder to do it around school work. By the end of term 3 I will be looking like this little guy.


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