Thursday, 13 February 2014

Special Day

What link does the google image take you to today? The image took me to a google search about Valentines Day.
How is this topic linked to today’s date? Valentines day was named after a saint.
Make a connection to today’s topic. Every year my dad gives my mum flowers.
List 3 keywords which are related to today’s topic. Three key words that immediately come into my mind is love, couples and red roses.
List 5 facts about today’s topic:
In the late 400s Pope Gelasuis made February 14 Valentines day
1300s Valentines was a day of love
15000 cards are sent on Valentines Day
448 million dollars are spent before Valentines day
23% say that they purchased flowers on Valentines Day
36 million heart shaped boxes are sent during Valentines Day

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