Monday, 14 April 2014

Slow internet

30 18th Avenue

Tuesday 15th April, 2014

Dear Mr Diver

I am rea lly un impressed about the inte rnet in room 42 Ri mu. It hap pens in all the blocks eve ryday. It is re ally hard wh en yo u are do ing your wor k and su ddenly the int ernet goes.  As you ca n see it is ex treme ly hard to even w rite th is lett er. I don’t know how lo ng I can go with this. Since we are in Mu ltimedia we should have fast and rel iable intern et.  I expect that you will take this l etter into account and do somethi ng about the in ternet.  This will help ever yone in Room 42, not ju st me.

Your Sincerely,

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