Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Science fair

Write a recount of your Science Fair project last year under the headings. Be brief and summarise. One or two sentences on each:
Aim. To make different types of composts (one with sea lettuce.) To see which one grew the best.
Hypothesis. I thought that the compost with sea lettuce would grow the best.
Introduction.  Because the smell of the sea lettuce upsets so many people in the Bay of Plenty, the  Regional Council spends a lot of money every summer cleaning it away.
Equipment & Method:
Fresh sea lettuce
Garden space
Wheel barrow(optional)
Soil test kit
2 black tarpaulins
Metal pegs
Watering can
Compost ingredients (lawn clippings, newspaper, vegetable scraps)
Ruler or measuring tape
Pen and paper to record the height of the plants

Results. My Hypothesis was not correct the normal compost grew the best.
Conclusion.Sea lettuce does seem to speed up the composting process by and had broken down faster on the third week of testing but it has nothing to do with speeding up the germination.

Now answer these questions
What did you do well last year? Last year I got best year seven science and got highly commended in regionals.
What did you find difficult last year? I found it difficult graphing my results.

Find 2 possible topics:
Looking at the oil contained in fries.
Do fruit and vegetalbe juices contain the same amount of vitamin C.

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