Thursday, 3 July 2014


YAY it 's the end of term two so lets review of whats happened in this term.

My birthday:
This term I celebrated my 13th birthday, so I'm now officially A TEEN! Since my birthday was on a Monday, my family and I went to the adrenaline forest, this is a place where you do high ropes challenges for a day.  After we had that hard day of climbing we went out for dinner. I also haven't told you this but my birthday was on the day after Mothers day, so it was a celebration to me and my mum.

My presents I got from my family were:
A drawing kit
The Book Thief
A bag

STARS cards:
This term we introduced STARS cards and click cards. Again I haven't told you this but I got my red Rimu band. These bands have STARS written on them and my school TIS. I have been wearing my band around the school with my class mates. If you didn't see what click cards and STAR cards are click here. 
For my maths this term I have been learning so much, I have learnt how to make different graphs in statistics. Every 15 minutes of maths we do maintenance when we write a answer and check our answer. I believe that I have improved so much in maths but I need to keep my book tidy.

As you probably have figured out I am a massive book fan.  Right now I'm reading:
The Book Thief
The Final 13
Rangers Apprentice
Brother Band
The Fault In Our Stars

I love all of theses books soo much they are really thought provoking and can change lives.  I recommend all of these books to everyone.

Cross country
We did cross country last week and I got 85.  We were allowed to celebrate our house so I bought red paint and covered myself in it.  IT WAS AWESOME! Me and Christine ran really hard and I was exhausted after I did it.

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  1. Well done Sian, your set out is really good and you had every thing you need over all really good job.