Sunday, 10 August 2014

Two tens for a five maths problem

This week is maths week where you solve a maths problem every day. Try solve this problem.

Monday: "Two Tens For a Five."

Bud Abbott and Lou Costello's firstscene in the movie 'One Night in theTropics' is a classic. Abbott cons Costello by simply askingfor change. "Have you got 2 tens for afive?" he asks. As Lou realised he has been duped, Bud snaps back: "OK, here's your five, give me back my 2 tens!" The skit carries on and Lou loses money! "Two Tens for a Five" is a classic vaudeville routine made famous by Bud Abbott and Lou Costello and has been repeated many times over the years.

Here is the script!
Abbott: Have you got two tens for a five?
Costello: Just so happen to have it.
Lou gives Bud ten dollars and Bud gives Lou five
Costello: Just a minute, just one minute!
Abbott: Something wrong?
Costello: Fifteen dollars just went south!ain.
Abbott: Oh come on.
Costello: You gave me a lot of your fast talk,, you said 'do you have
two tens for a five' and I gave you two tens for a five.
Abbott: Just a minute, are you accusing me of cheating?
Costello: No, but you got two tens for a five.
Abbott: Alright here's your five now gimme back my two tens.
Costello: Okay, that's better.
Bud gives Lou five dollars and Lou gives Bud ten dollars.
After a slight pause Lou realises he has been conned again.
Costello: What are you doing?
Abbott: What’s wrong now?
Costello: Look Abbott, here's two tens gimme a five!
Abbott: Certainly.
Lou gives Bud ten dollars and Bud gives Lou five dollars.
Costello: HA HA HA HAAA!
You did it to me...
You did it to me again
Abbott: Oh come on

How much did Luo lose

My guess:$35

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