Thursday, 21 August 2014

Zodiac story (New Zealand Chinese week)

Next week is New Zealand Chinese week. So we are doing this work for our blog post

Read the Zodiac Story
Answer these questions
Number the animals in order
1st Rat
2nd Ox
3rd Tiger
4th Rabbit
5th Flying dragon
6th Snake
7th Horse
8th Goat
9th Monkey
10th Rooster
11th Dog
12th Pig
Which animal is not in the zodiac? Cat

Why is this animal not in the zodiac? The rat pushed the cat into the water, making it loose

Why was the emperor surprised about the animal which came in 5th place? The flying dragon came in fifth place because it helped a village by giving it rain.

Look at the artwork

Find out the following
What is the zodiac animal for 2014? The animal of 2014 is the horse.

What is the zodiac animal which represents the year you were born in? I was born in 2001 so my animal is the snake.

What are the personality characteristics of your animal? The snake is sneeky and strong willed.

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