Sunday, 16 November 2014


What 2 things do you always need to say to describe an enlargement? The scale factor and the centre of enlargement.
What does centre of enlargement mean?The postion of the enlarged shape is the centre of enlargement.
What is a scale factor? How many times you have to make a shape bigger or smaller.
Explain how to work out the scale factor on a grid, and with no grid. Use diagrams you have screenshot from the myimaths lesson.

You will see that the shape on the right has gotten bigger. You want to see look at one of the sdies of the smaller shape. You can see that one of the smaller shapes side is two squares. 2x2=4 and you can see that the bigger shapes side is 4.
What happens to the angle sizes in the corner of the shape when you enlarge it? When you enlarge a shape it gets bigger.

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