Sunday, 16 November 2014

What I learned in life ed

There are many drugs that you can take and they all can be addictive. You can go crazy for drugs and you can loose everything for them, drugs can also be shot into your drink at a pub. There are classes for the types of drugs, class a does the most damaging and it goes down from there. Even though a drug isn't class a you can get addicted to them and die from it.
        Drug over dosses can be a life and death situation. They can knock you out or do stupid things with them.

Alcohol effects
Alcohol can be dangerous and you need to be carful with it. In New Zealand you are allowed to drink alcohol when you're 18.  But just because you're allowed to doesn't mean you should. Alcohol can easily make you drunk which again will make you do stupid things. Imagine your at a party and your drunk, you feel sick and you need to go to the toilet. while you're waiting for the toilet you pass out, what would happen if a bunch of guys (who are also drunk) kick you in the face you can think of the side effects.

There are three types of alcohol drinks, they are:

If I were to organise them to least amount of alcohol to the most amount it would be:


You will see that when you are at a pub you will get a very small amount of sprits this is because there is so much alcohol in sprits that that is one standard glass of it.

You are more likely to get alcohol at a party then any other type of drug.

Recap on drugs and alcohol
In life ed I learnt many stories about people who have taken drugs, what they had turned into and then changed there lives. I never want to experience being addictive to drugs. I also learnt that nobody wants to be addictive to drugs you just get pear persuaded to do so.

I learnt that there are seven steps of puberty and that you can really know when you finish or start it. There are many people who you can talk to about puberty such as your family. No questions about puberty are dumb so you just have to ask someone.  

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