Sunday, 23 November 2014

Life ed video/ 48 hr movie challenge

Last week we did a 48 hour movie challenge this is where we made a movie in 48 hours of our school week. My video is above. I have check the sound quality, camera skill, acting, editing, the poem, the quality of the life education message and teamwork.

Sound quality: I think my team did well with our sound quality we all spoke loud enough for the camera to hear us, however, There is one scene where you can't really hear Jamie (aka Tyler.) But if we had more time I think we could have solved this problem.

Camera skills: Jordan the camera girl did some really good shots and held the camera really steady. However I do think we needed a bit more angles, I think the problem was we just didn't have enough time so we would have probably improved that.

Acting: Our acting wasn't that bad. We tried to make our movie as believable as possible. But if we had a bit more time we could of perfected it.

Editing: Our editing was good, we had a montage and we made music to that. I just thought that one scene shouldn't really be there. Once again if we had more time I think we could of spent a bit more of it on editing.

Poem: Our poem was good I really liked it, however I don't think it really worked with our movie and I think it would of been better with a voice over. But it just comes down to time.

Quality of life ed message: Our movie showed REACH WITS which is what we learned in life ed. It also shows peer pressure into drugs which is most likely to happen to somebody. All in all I think we did the life ed message justice.

Teamwork: Our group worked really well as a team and we overcame any problems that we had really well.

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