Monday, 1 September 2014

My made up story

I have been on this planet for 200 years in your time.  I went here to discover life on a new planet besides Earth. I came here with my two friends Rufus, my excited border collie, he likes discovering new things so when I told him I was going on an adventure he put on his puppy eyes and now he's here with me. My second compaion is Mr sparkles, my teddy bear. He was born for space, he actually has a space suit that came with him! I must tell you that he was vey excited when I told him he was coming to.  Our space ship got damaged when one of my compaions put there paws on the control pad and crashed the plane, I'm very dissipointed in Mr sparkles.  Anyway we walked for about a few meters but Mr sparkles just stood on the ship and I was NOT carrying him. So me and Rufus continued the journey without Mr sparkles, but then suddenly we heard a scurring noise, at first I thought it was Mr sparkles but then I saw a monster or an alien local. Rufus and I ran as fast as we could but the alien was on top of us, I'm serious it flew! While looking up to see where the alien was I tripped and fell. The alein swooped down and gave me a plaster and told me that his name was Coll. Me and Coll talked for a while and quickly turned into friends. Now if you look on the planet of Hulu you might just see me and Rufus on Colls back soaring past the glaxy.  

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