Sunday, 19 October 2014

Another story to punctuate

"MUM! where are my favourite socks?" I asked, yelling for help.
"And where are my Tuesday undies?" asked Dad, searching through his drawers, "You know I have to wear them today." "Just wear Monday's undies, no one is going to know," replied Mum.
"No ones going to know you say? I'm going to know! and to wear Monday's undies, pfft that would be idiotic!" Dad answered back with a streak in his voice.
This was only the beginning of our familys disaster for the next few weeks, things were starting to disappear and fast. With Dad losing his Tuesday undies and me losing my favourite socks, Isaac then lost his favourite bow tie, Mum then lost her favorite dress. We thought we were going mental!
"It's not like they could just hop up and run away," said Isaac.
Mum suggested that we recap our steps. 
"When was the last time you had your items?" she said. 
We all replied before washing day was the last time we had them.
"So maybe it's the washing machine thats caused all this drama," Mum said, with a glimpse a hope in her eyes.
We checked the washing machine, there was… nothing! with nothing to prove I decided to put a GoPro in the machine, to watch it in action, to see if there was something suspicious really happening inside. What I didn’t realize was that the washing machine would take my GoPro too. 
"AHHH ITS GONE!" I yelled at the top of my voice, "What are we going to do."
"Lets just give up," Mum said to me 
"Fine if that’s the best idea," I moaned.
A few weeks later Isaac had dropped his toy car behind the washing machine and as we were looking for it a pair of undies popped up out of the blue just sitting there. 
"Mum look!" I said with a big grin on my face.
"Who would have guessed?"
we both stood there smiling

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