Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Rotational Symmetry

Lets say you have an ordinary rectangle. If you turn that rectangle 360 degrees you will see that it will fit into itself two times. (When it's upside down and before you turned it.) This is called Rotational Symmetry. The rectangle has Rotational Symmetry order of two because it can fit into itself twice. Other shapes can have a different order of Rotational Symmetry and some may not have it at all.

Rotational Symmetry is different to the Line of Symmetry. The Line of Symmetry is when you cut a shape in half and both sides look the same. You can check if a shape has Rotational Symmetry when cut it out, put a marking on one of the sides and turn it until you see that shape on another side of it.

Here are some real life Rotational Symmetry

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