Thursday, 16 October 2014

Another story to puncuate

"Morning class," greeted Miss Green.
It was an ordinary day, everyone was sitting at their wooden desks with pens and pencils by their side. The sweet sound of voices filling the room brought music to my ears, I decided to listen in on Brittney's conversation with Ella.
"OMG, last night I reached into my bag to get out my book and it wasn’t there!" explained Brittney.
"No way!" replied Ella.
That exact same thing happened to me, I was sure I put it in my bag but now it was gone. This is a little strange, I thought to myself, why are things disappearing.

Eventually, the bell went and it was time to go home. I told my mum what I had witnessed at school and she was lost for words.

That night I couldn't get Brittany's and Ella's conversation out of my head. I grabbed my laptop out of my bag to google this mystery, as I unzipped the case, I looked down only to see that there was no laptop in my bag. This was insane, I decided to look in my other pocket of my bag, and to my surprise my lunch box was also missing.

The sun was shining, birds were singing, it seemed like an ordinary day. I walked into my class that is usually full of colour, but not today, my class looked like a prison cell. 
"What happened?" I gasped.
"Don't worry kids," assured Miss Green, "We have a thief in our class and I'm going to get to the bottom of this,"
One by one, Miss Green started checking our bags. Everyone seemed relaxed, except for James, Miss Green made her way down the line and James was last to be checked.
"Oh!" said Miss Green looking rather lost, "What is this?" she asked James.
As she pulled out two books, a pencil case, my laptop and two class posters from James's bag.

I was utterly shocked to say the least.
"I'm so sorry!" cried James, "It's just that everyone has laptops or books and our class is so colourful that I wanted to take some of it home to make my house look better. The truth is that you should be happy with what you have and not want stuff from other people."

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