Saturday, 8 March 2014

Heni Karamu

Heni Karamu was a woman warrior from the battle of gate par here is ten facts about her and what happened that day:

  • After the battle she married an english pub owner and changed her name to Jane.
  • She was the only woman to fight at gate par.
  • She only went to gate par to fight and become a warrior.
  • Scared at first about fighting the british but then heard them cheer when the potatoes exploded.
  • On the day of the attack rain fell this pleased the Maori.
  • The bombs didn't go off because of the rain. 
  • When the british thought that they had all got killed the Maori did a sneak attack.
  • Although a lot of the british solders died they where mostly defeated by shame.
  • After the attack Heni heard the solders dying and remembered the pledge that if the British wanted mercy show them mercy.  So she got some water.
  • She gave three solders water and saved there lives.
  • An artist mistaken Heni for a boy.  

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