Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Photos with meanings

Today I'm writing an explanation about this picture.

I think that this picture shows that  a book has more emotions than in a film.  I think this because there is more iceberg in the ocean than outside of the water. A book has more information and more meaning than a film.  

The hidden message messages in these photos.

This photo shows leadership because there is one person giving an idea and spreading that idea to everybody in the circle. it also shows team work when someone gives an idea and everyone else works together to turn that idea to reality.

This picture shows that a picture tells a thousand words. I think this because there are thousands of photos in the big pile. I can also mean that everything that  people say might be lies but when the lies
get worse you have a lot to hold back.

this photo shows that we might think where big but where really small in the big sea.  

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