Sunday, 22 June 2014

Scam letter

My teacher received this email on thursday.

This letter is from a person called Emily Park who is apparently a victim of scammers. She wanted to get her money back from the scammer/s so she contacts the FBI where they give her a contact of a lady who can get her money back. Once Emily got her money back the lady who gave her the money gives her everyones contacts who has been scammed. She then asks you to pay $250.0 for the paper fees so you can get your money.

Two reasons this letter is a scam is the lady who gives Emily the money gives everyones contacts who have been scammed. But if this lady is from the FBI why would she give peoples emails to someone she has just meet. The second one is that Emily's email changes.

Give 2 pieces of evidence (excerpts of sentences) that prove that this letter is a scam- A piece of evidence/ sentence that shows this letter is a scam. She says the paying bank. No one says the paying bank. Another one is she says god bless you, again no one says that at the end if a letter.

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