Monday, 23 June 2014

Social Experiment

Clarify and predict the title of the video we will watch today: Social Experiment

Social can mean a group of friends being able to talk to each other without being awkward. Experiment can mean that you test something. I think that when you combined these two words together it could be a person finding something out about social.

Watch this video

To find out what people react when someone gives you a good comment and a bad comment from a speaker.

I hypothesise that people will be upset when they hear the mean comments, and people will feel happy when they hear the good comments.

A speaker that plays good and bad comments
A camera
A busy street
A remote control that turns on and off


  1. Turn your camera on record and hide it in a location where you can still see whats going to happen.
  2. Leave your speaker outside on the foot path on the busy street. Turn the speaker on.
  3. Wait until someone comes and turn the speaker on. 
  4. See what happens next.

The people who were given the nasty comments got a fended like I predicted. But when the speaker said good comments everyone was really happy. 

This experiment shows what people react to on the internet when they are given good and bad comments. It shows we need to be nice to everybody even though we can't see them.

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