Wednesday, 21 May 2014

A story with 200 words

Choose one of these to write a 200 word short story which mentions these 3 items somewhere:

Identical twins, a party invitation, and a locked closet.

The invitation

I raced home with my friends invite in one hand, the streets are whizzing by but I make it to my house safely and somehow not getting lost. I continue to run to mum who’s preparing dinner. Puffing and red faced I give her the invite. She just smiles at me and nods.  It’s our way of communicating when the twins are around. They’re eating at the dinner table that’s joint to our kitchen.

You know in movies how the creepy twins look the same, dress the same, and do everything at the exact same time well thats my twins.  Charlie and Alex are my little sisters who are eating at the exactly same time.  They given a curious look to the invite. They then turn there head at the same time and smile.

A shiver comes down my spine. I leave before it comes too creepy but thats my first mistake I forget the invite.  I run to my room to get changed from my school uniform but my closet is locked. “Twins” I mutter then I realise my mistake. How was I so stupid? The invite. I run straight back to the kitchen where I see the twins with the keys to my closet and the invite. They are hovering then over the bin I quickly swoop in like a hawk and save my belongings.
“Not today.” I say angrily

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  1. Well done. Your story has some wonderful language choices which build your characters.