Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Fork drongo

Read this Science article. Here are the answers. What are the questions?
A. stellar- What dose the writer say the fork drongo warning calls are?
A. 25% - What percent of the time dose the fork tail drongo trick other birds with the warning call?
A. 50 - How many other animal warning calls can the fork tail drongo imitate?
A. A fork- How is the fork tail drongos tail shaped like?
A. the animal with food hears an alarm call from its friends, drops the food and runs- How do the other animals react when they hear the fork tail drongos call?
A. pied babblers, sociable weavers and even mammals like meerkats!- What are some of the animals that the fork tail drongo can imitate?
A. mimicry- fork tail drongo are not the only birds to master a what?
A. hawks and eagles- As well as the drongo what are two other birds that will take on raptors?
A. ruse- What dose the drongo usually use its warning call for?
A. to obtain another animal’s food- Why dose the drongo rose?

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