Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Google person of the day- Mary Anning

Check the Google person of the day.
Write 10 answers and questions about this person. Then come to the mat. You will give the answer and another student will ask the matching question.

A. Italian
Q. What nationality is the Google person of the day?

A. A British fossil collectordealer, and palaeontologist
Q. What did Mary Anning do in her life?

A. Tray
Q. what was her dogs name?

A. Blue Lias cliffs.
Q.Where did Mary Anning search for fossils?

Q. What year did Mary Annings dog die and nearly lost her life?

A. The first ichthyosau.
Q. What was one of Mary Annings dicoverings?

A. Anning's gender and social class.
Q. What prevented Mary from the scientific community of 19th-century Britain?

A. financially
Q. What did Mary struggle at?

A.Britain, Europe, and America
Q. What geological circles was Mary famous in?

A. A cabinetmaker
Q. What was her fathers job?

A. Eleven
Q. How old was Mary when her father died?

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