Sunday, 25 May 2014

MIss C eye problem

Miss C’s has an eye problem
Write a blog post of the conversation I will have with the Dr this afternoon.
Include what Miss C will ask and what the Dr will say.

Miss C-"What is happening to my eye?"
Doctor-"It's something called Subconjunctival Hermorrhage."
Miss C-"Do you know how I got it?"
Doctor-"Have been sick have you been coughing bit?"
Miss C-"Yes, It's kind of weird though, it doesn't hurt or anything is that normal?"
Doctor-"It shouldn't hurt and you shouldn't get blurry vision. Unfortunately theres no cure you just have to try not rubbing the eye for a few days, your eye will eventually turn normal again in few weeks."
Miss C- "What happens if my eyes feels weird?"
Doctor- "Then come back in again and I will give you some artificial tears to help ease the pain. It is also not contagious so your son and class will not catch your eye problem"

When you are done give 3 advantages and 3 disadvantages of checking your health using the internet.

Don’t need to go the doctor
May not be true
Could make yourself sicker

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